AWS Resources

A selection of my favorite AWS resources on various topics…

AWS AppSync  
AWS AppSync Community Collection of resources and links related to AWS AppSync. Great place to start.
AWS AppSync Velocity Template Guide Overview of Velocity Templates and how they are used to build AppSync resolvers.
AWS Amplify  
How to Build Production-ready Vue Authentication Detailed review of how to integrate Amplify in a Vue.js application with authentication.
Tracking and Reminders in AWS Amplify Nice overview of adding Amazon Pinpoint to your AWS Amplify project.
AWS API Gateway  
A Detailed Overview of AWS API Gateway Incredible deep dive on AWS API Gateway.
How to sign AWS Api Gateway Requests with Signature Version 4 using AWS Amplify? Detailed overview of the SigV4 signing process and how to.
CloudFormation Nested Stacks Primer While I did not formerly believe, I’ve grown to feel Nested Stacks are a good thing.
Data Modeling a Gaming Application with Amazon DynamoDB Tutorial describing data modelling approach for a game application using DyanmoDB. Great approach to learning design patterns.
Design a database for a mobile app with Amazon DynamoDB Another tutorial, similar to the preceeding link, that reviews the data model approach for a common use case with DynamoDB. Very instructive.
From relational DB to single DynamoDB table: a step-by-step exploration Excellent article detailing DynamoDB design best practices in reference to an existing relational database model.
DynamoDB Pricing: OnDemand, Autoscaled, Provisioned, or Reserved? An overview of DynamoDB pricing models.
Understanding the scaling behaviour of DynamoDB OnDemand tables Analysis of scaling behavior when using DynamoDB On-Demand. Useful when migrating from provisioned capacity or when considering tables with very spikey usage.
Understanding the Different Ways to Invoke Lambda Functions Part of a series from George Mao, a terrific overview of the three different ways a Lambda function can be invoked: synchronous, asynchronous, and poll-based.
How Should You Organize Your Functions in Production? Thoughts on the age old monolithic versus single-purpose function along with pros and cons of each.
AWS Lambda — should you have few monolithic functions or many single-purposed functions? Another discussion on Lambda organization.
To VPC or not to VPC? Pros and Cons in AWS Lambda Discussion on the use of Lambda in an AWS VPC. Be sure to check the flow chart (also in AWS documentation). Bottom line: only use a VPC if necessary (e.g. to connect to RDS, ElastiCache). VPC does not add any further security for Lambda.
Lambda Warmer: Optimize AWS Lambda Function Cold Starts Nice approach for keeping Lambda functions warm via a smartly written plugin.
Benchmarking Lambda’s Idle Timeout Before A Cold Start Interesting study of the how long the Lambda service keeps an idle container before removing it.
You are wrong about serverless vendor lock-in Realistic point of view on serverless and perceived notion of lock-in (you’re not). Serverless enhances focus and allows teams to deliver on business value as opposed to building supporting systems. Business logic is portable.
AWS Step Functions  
Supported AWS Service Integrations for Step Functions Useful table of integrations between Step Functions and other AWS services.
AWS Security Reference Quick links to service-specific security documentation.
AWS Hands-On Workshops Excellent collection of AWS workshops across a variety of topics, including serverless, development, IoT, and more.
AWS Networking Workshop Get hands-on with AWS networking features.